Quality Assurance

Sinara has staffs for quality control who is responsible in different kind of steps in furniture production such as raw materials, frames, weaving, finishing, etc.

Timely Delivery

Sinara will deliver products in the exact date as in the schedule or agreement. Sinara will always deliver the best quality without delaying the production time.

Exclusive Designs

Sinara is always updates its furniture design based on the market trends. Sinara also open for any designs that suggested or requested by its customer.

Flexible Price

Sinara will always give the very best quality with the very best price. But still, Sinara can give options to its customer for pricing and quality.

Natural & Synthetic/Plastic Rattan Wicker Furniture Manufacturer & Exporter in Indonesia

Sinara is one of the leading natural rattan and synthetic/plastic rattan wicker furniture Exporter and Manufacturer based in Cirebon, Indonesia. All of the wicker furniture that we sell have gone through strict production process with Export standards in our factory. Selection of the appropriate raw rattan is the first step of the process that we standardize. With the assistance of experts who are skilled in the process of furniture manufacturing, we aim to give the best handmade wicker furniture to our customers.

Our company is experienced in exporting natural rattan and synthetic/plastic rattan wicker furniture to many countries such as United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, Japan, Czech, Netherlands, etc. Our experience made us eager to meet the needs of the global market for natural rattan and synthetic/plastic rattan wicker furniture products, we continue to learn and improve every product that we produce. Our quality control staff always checked every product detail prior to packing and shipping of each product.

Our factory focused on producing indoor and outdoor rattan wicker furniture such as garden furniture, patio furniture, conservatory furniture, bedroom furniture, antique/vintage furniture and furniture sets. We can produce chairs, tables, sofas, cabinets, beds, partitions and other wicker products with various weaving methods. We always maintain the quality of our furniture products, but we can also give options to its customer for pricing and quality. With a friendly price we intend to bring Sinara in the hearts of customers Globally.

You can check our product catalogue in this website to find what you’re looking for. For customers who have not found a product design that fits your needs, Sinara also provide special services to make furniture products according to customer designs, please contact us for more details about submitting custom design.